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Paul Zulauf presents an ever-evolving array of art painted on canvas, on bodies, and with the use of computers.

Drawing upon nature, a diverse heritage of art traditions, the depths of his own imagination, shamanism, and visionary astral-projection-meditation, Zulauf has
developed an aesthetic, symbolic vocabulary, and expressive technique that resonates with organic, geometric, technological and etheric sensibilities.

Wonderful, sensuous, sacred and sometimes bizarre,
Zulauf's art aspires to being valued by personal acquaintances, as well as being a celebrated amongst the global visionary arts community.

Zulauf's exploration includes paintings, digital paintings, graphic design, mural art, body art, bronze sculpture, ceramic art, fashion, jewelry, animation, audio visualization. His talent is extended to serve the greater community by art commissions, graphic design, tattoo design, talisman jewelry, and mural art.

Paul Zulauf - 2011 - Artist Resume.docx Paul Zulauf - 2011 - Artist Resume.docx
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